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Unsuspected foods
Sep 10, 2018
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There are foods that are commonly consumed but which, however, hide a potential for danger. Find out what

One of the foods we commonly eat but which may be poisonous is potato. This food contains many dangerous toxins to the body. In severe cases it may cause bleeding, especially in the eye. Potato contains chaconine, solanine and cholinesterase inhibitors. Solanine is found in the potato peel that begins to become green due to exposure to light and bad product preservation. Even glycoalcaloids can reach levels that could become dangerous, if not deadly, to the human being.

Cherry is a fruit-free, but rich in sugar, mineral salts, iron, phosphorus and calcium.
However, few people know that this fruit contains a kernel that could be dangerous because of the presence of hydrocyanic acid in it. This acid with its derivatives is one of the most powerful poisons, in fact if it is inhaled it can cause death within a few minutes. It is good to know that no need to worry because this toxicity only occurs if the core is damaged and ingested in excessive concentrations.

Another very dangerous food is mushrooms. They are able to produce highly toxic chemicals called mycotoxins, which generate poisoning in humans. Symptoms that occur from swallowing poisonous fungi are variable. In light cases hallucinations and digestive problems occur, while severe cases of liver problems are almost irreparable.

The tomato may be among the dangerous foods because it contains a harmful substance that is solanine considered to be even toxic. In addition, tomatine is also present in the tomato, an alkaloid not very toxic, which is particularly found in immature tomatoes. For this reason, these tomatoes are completely avoided otherwise they may be toxic and dangerous to the body.

Almonds, like cherries, also contain the core, which in turn includes cyanide acid. Due to the presence of some enzymes in the intestinal flora when this fruit is ingested it turns out to be dangerous and even lethal to man. In fact, it has been shown that for a child it is enough to ingest from 6 to 10 almonds to cause death, while at least 50 almonds are needed for adults.



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