Funny Collection of bad days and funny phrases

Nov 27, 2020
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My horoscope this morning says: “Look, forget it, if something improves I’ll let myself be heard”.

Can I watch the trailer of the day and then decide whether to get up or not?

Where is the cancel day button?

There are days that never have a good day.

In the morning I stay in bed and think “Who knows what will happen today that will make me go through the day of shit”.
Basically I get up out of curiosity.

The life of us anxious:
– You are peaceful
– You start thinking
– You hope that anxiety does not come
Problem that does not exist
– Shit day.

I live my life one bad day at a time.

You wake up on the right foot: shit day
You wake up on the wrong foot: fuck day.
Solution: wake up crawling.

Bad when in the morning you think “Today is going to be a bad day” then you arrive in the middle and you realize that you were wrong because it is really shit.

We should leave the house every other day. One day me and one people.

I would also say good morning to you, but to know for sure I would have to wait tonight.

It was just a bad day
of a difficult week
of a bad month
of a terrible year
of a bad existence.

I haven’t read the horoscope but I will have some planets against it. Like the earth.

A joy every 4 years would be enough like the Olympics.

Looking for a stand-in who starts the day in my place.

When you think the worst is over, he’s just gone to call for backup.



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