Funny Emergency landing due to farting

Sep 3, 2020
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USA, “flatulence on board” emergency landing

A passenger lights a match in the cabin to disguise the bad smell
Flight AA to Dallas hijacked in full alert towards Nashville airport

NASHVILLE – Emergency landing for flatulence on board. It happened in the United States, where an American Airlines plane was suddenly landed yesterday after a passenger had lit a match to “hide” the smell of flatulence.

The flight en route to Dallas was diverted to Nashville, Tennessee, in full alarm: several worried passengers warned the flight attendants to smell a strong smell of sulfur on board, from the burning match.

All 99 passengers on board and crew members were taken off the plane, baggage unloaded and inspected.

Then the interrogations of the FBI agents and the unexpected confession. A passenger admitted that she was the one who lit the match in an attempt to disguise the bad smell. The woman, a spokeswoman for Nashville International Airport said, said she had a disease that causes her unpleasant symptoms, without specifying which one.

The flight resumed without incident, but the woman was not brought back on board. Against her, however, no charges.


    Aeroporto Internazionale di Nashville (BNA), 1 Terminal Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, Stati Uniti


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