Science The smallest phone in the world

Aug 5, 2018
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The smallest phone in the world

Launched on Kickstarter, it is 4.6 cm long and weighs 13 grams

While the smartphone market produces ever-larger devices, a company has decided to go against the trend: it’s called Zanco, and is aiming to prune on the shelves what defines the smallest mobile phone in the world.
The company has launched a fundraiser on the Kickstarter platform to produce the “tiny t1”, a cell phone with basic functions and mini dimensions. The device is 4.67 cm tall and 2.1 cm wide, 1.2 cm thick and weighs just 13 grams. In his little body there is a numerical keyboard and a 0.49-inch Oled screen with a resolution of 64×32 pixels, the loudspeaker, the microphone, the housing for the phone card and the socket to recharge it.
The mobile works on old 2G networks. The 200 mAh battery allows 3 days of standby time and 3 hours of talk time. It can store 300 telephone numbers, 50 text messages and a list of the last 50 calls.
Given the characteristics, it is like an emergency telephone, to take with you when you go running, biking or extreme sports.
The “tiny t1” can be booked on Kickstarter with a minimum bid of £ 35, around € 39. Deliveries are expected from next May. The company was aiming to raise 28 thousand euros, but is already close to 100 thousand euros.



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