The project



It consists completely free virtual walls.
Their function of communication and use is equal to the real walls.
The use of this website is open and available to all.

Allows all forms of disclosure: information, communication, ads, games, entertainment, complaints, publications, advertising, news, jobs, caricatures, events. etc ..

Allows total communication, visible to all in time and in different countries of the world.
A counter shows the number of views.
The most clicked areas of all walls in the world are classified.

It has developed the ability to customize one or more walls, choose the country and associate the topic to a category.
The categories are symbolized with representative iconography, and they are:


extra extra
car motors
society society
smile funny
sport sport
news news
hot hot
enterteinement entertainment
school education
science science

Anyone can use and also visit the walls of all the other nations of the world.

good wall

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