Cosmos Underground cave of Piagge

Sep 29, 2020
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The Hypogeum came to light following a historical research on Piagge started in 1996 by the architect Gabriele Polverari

It is located near the medieval entrance to the castle and is accessed from an area connected to this.
You enter the basement through a flight of tuff steps; the Hypogeum has a cruciform plan formed by arms orthogonal to the main body.

There are niches in the walls and geometric – symbolic decorations in relief on the walls and in the vault, performed with undeniable technical skill, all perfectly symmetrical, therefore a not casual but thoughtful, designed arrangement.
It is certainly a place of religious worship, and it has come so intact that it has become a unique example.

The shapes used for the decorations are very ancient Christian symbols, so much so that the hypogeum has a typically basilica layout. Among other things, it should be remembered that the territory of Piagge has documented Roman historical origins, and it is known that the first centuries AD. they are centuries of great diffusion of Christianity, also fueled by Eastern monasticism which helped to spread it throughout the West, but they have also been centuries of strong contrasts and persecutions, so groups of Christians or religious congregations may have found refuge by digging these caves, and then having transformed them into places of worship.

From the currently completed restoration, new important elements have emerged which, combined with a more careful reading of the territory, will make it possible to date its construction and use with more precision.

The Hypogeum was inaugurated on 2 September 2016, after a long restoration, under the aegis of the Municipality of Piagge, and with the collaboration of the cultural association “Proart” and the Proloco.
The “Proart” cultural association had the management of the Hypogeum and the spaces connected to it by the municipal administration of Piagge. Spaces that are suitable for temporary personal and collective art exhibitions.




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