Education Germany: Hitler manuscripts sold at auction for 190ml euros

Oct 23, 2020
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Auction house manager, I know the buyers. They are not neo-Nazis

The manuscripts of Adolf Hitler were sold, auctioned by the Bavarian house Hermann Historica. The director, Bernhard Pacher, confirms this to Ansa, adding that he knows the buyers very well: “I can guarantee that they did not end up in the hands of neo-Nazis”.

“Overall they were purchased for the sum of 189,500 euros, plus 25% for the award: the 3 customers will therefore have to pay a total of 228 thousand euros”, he reports.

Seven manuscripts had been put up for auction: “four were bought by a person, who will make it public next week, and then most likely donate them to a museum, which would not have had the money to buy them”.

It is a well-known figure, a native English speaker, but Pacher adds “I cannot reveal either name or nationality, by contract”. Among the manuscripts there was also a speech delivered by Hitler in 1939, in front of the lieutenants of the German army: the Fuerher warned that he wanted to “solve the Jewish problem”, and asked to prepare for war.

This document was sold for 34 thousand euros. In recent days, in view of the auction, the president of Jewish organizations in Europe, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, had harshly criticized Hermann Historica, demanding that the auction be “boycotted”. What belonged to Hitler and his time “must have no market,” he said.

Source: Ansa



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