Funny Amsterdam airport human clock made by the artist Maarten Baas

Oct 7, 2020
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Here is the unique watch in the world with a man inside who draws the hands all day

It is located inside Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and was created by the artist Maarten Baas. The clock is a real work of art, not just a mere installation.

The shiny surface reveals a man inside, with a blue coat and a red bucket, busy all day drawing the hands in the position where the time corresponds to that moment.

The man inside the clock, minute by minute, draws the minute hand (or the hour hand if it is necessary to move it) and then after a while erases it to give life to the hand later. The attention to detail and the original idea make this work one of the most beautiful things to see when leaving Amsterdam.

The beauty of this work is its completeness in terms of deception. If you see it on the back, in fact, you notice that the watch has a door on the back with simulated the same effect that you see on the front. The illusion that there is someone inside is practically complete.

It must be a particular experience to enter the airport in full thc effect, which is legal in the Netherlands, and to linger in front of the clock and remain literally hypnotized.

The passage of time is something that we can see at any time anywhere except on ourselves. When you think you haven’t had time, you probably don’t want to admit that you haven’t noticed what you missed.

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